Version 1.3.7 is out | Check new command line interface

Boglarka Angalet

BitNinja team is pleased to announce version 1.3.7.

We added a new feature and some bug fixes to our server security system, so that it is even more comfortable to use now.

Command line interface

As a helpful feature for BitNinja dashboard, we integrated a command line interface. Now you do not need to login to dashboard for blacklisting or whitelisting of IP addresses. It’s an easier and faster way to work with BitNinja.

# bitninjacli --help
Available functions are whitelist|blacklist add|del|check


Bug fixes and add-ons

  • SenseLog module is extended with a Joomla attack vector detection filter.
  • Free version of BitNinja is introduced with its restrictions.
  • We updated the contrib files by latest composer versions.
  • After now, removing a greylisted IP automatically removes it from BitNinja’s essential list, too.
  • On rpm based systems, BitNinja does a yum cache clean before update to prevent update from cache.

(Free version only contains blacklist and essential list protection, and weekly reports. But does NOT contain active DoS protection, Antiflood, Talkback and SenseLog module. Attack details also have a limited visibility.)


New release process

We redesigned our release process to avoid situations like that one yesterday.

The new release process looks like this:


On Feature releases:

 – First we run the automated unit tests

 – Of course first we test the package on all distributions we support

 – Install on live test servers hosted by us

 – 24 hour observation period

 – We announce the new version by e-mail including changelog

 – 24 hour delay period

 – Roll out the new feature version to all servers


On bugfix releases (if we find a bug, we release a bugfix version as soon as possible to address the bug):

 – First we run the automated unit tests

 – Of course first we test the package on all supported distributions

 – Install live test servers hosted by us

 – 2 hour observation period

 – Roll out the bugfix version

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