Release note on BitNinja 1.7 | OpenVZ/Virtuozzo support

Boglarka Angalet

Right after HostingCon, we are full of newer and newer function ideas to BitNinja. But now we made something ready for you, that has been promised for some weeks. Enjoy!

Features and fixes

  • IPfilter module has been completely refactored
  • Now we have a basic support for OpenVZ/Virtuozzo based VPS
  • DoS Detection has been boosted, now it’s even faster than it used to be
  • Some minor fixes in CaptchaHTTP
  • Fixes in DataProvider module
  • SenseWebHoneypot fixes


Auto-release will be rolled out on Tuesday.

Automatic updates are scheduled for Tuesday. But if you can’t wait to meet our newbies, just go ahead and update manually (available from Sunday).

Notice! | The upgrade can cause temporary increase of server load 5-10 minutes after the upgrade.
It won’t take longer than 15 minutes, and you can only experience it with older kernels.
The reason of the increased load is the way linux manages kernel memory space for ipset.


Upcoming updates

  • ProxyFilter module to enable correct filtering of proxy traffic (like CloudFlare, Incapsula, etc … yes, they need BitNinja filtering, too, as many malicious requests bypass them)
  • Placing the basics of the BitNinja WAF
  • CaptchaSMTP

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