Road to success with Sweden's fastest growing Hosting Company
Eniko Toth

Road to success with Sweden's fastest growing Hosting Company

Are you curious how can a web hosting company speed up their business’ growth? The answer is really simple: they have time to work on different projects and develop new features. Besides that, they can guarantee a reliable service to their customers.

But where is BitNinja in this story? We tell you!

Miss Group is Sweden's fastest growing hosting company and they had the same problems as many other companies. After the many cyber attacks, the WordPress sites became compromised, customers began to complain, the load of the support team has increased, and the technical team spent lots of time cleaning up the compromised sites.

They tried more options to solve this issue, but the final solution was BitNinja to them. Since their servers are protected, the number of customer complaints significantly reduced and the technical team has more time to deal with the projects because they don’t have to clean up the compromised sites now. Let's see the full story about the road to success:

The Company

Miss Group is a group of companies like Miss Hosting, 4UK Host, StableHost, etc. It was founded in 2014 and have clients from all over the world. Their HQ is in Manchester, England but they have offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Phoenix, Chicago and Singapore.

Miss Group offers a wide range of hosting-related services, such as web hosting, domain registration, VPS, dedicated servers and many more services. Their vision is to become the fastest growing shared web hosting company in the world. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to focus on providing a reliable service.


Web hosting and VPS service providers can’t run away from cyber attacks. This was the case with Miss Group, too. They suffered from all kind of attacks on a daily basis; mainly DDoS and WordPress vulnerability attacks were targeting them.

“We host around 70,000 to 80,000 WordPress sites and most of our customer they don’t really update their CMS sites.” – Rabi Hanna (CTO)

The results are obvious: sites became compromised, customers began to complain, the load of the support team increased, and the technical team spent lots of time cleaning up the compromised sites.


Of course, this couldn’t go on any longer, so Miss Group decided to do something to protect this huge number of sites. Before finding BitNinja, they tested many different alternatives, but none brought the desired state for Miss Group.

"We first had a Hardware UTM (Next-Gen Firewall), but that didn’t really work since the rules were limited to the Firewall Vendor. Then I started using CSF and CXS combined with the hardware firewall, but this added another layer of management on each server and also CPU utilization has increased on each server because of CXS scan.” – Rabi Hanna (CTO)

After many disappointments, Miss Group finally found BitNinja and they have realized that this is the ultimate solution to their daily problems. We asked Rabi, the CTO of the company, about his favourite feature of BitNinja:

“Honestly, the whole platform is feature-rich; it has everything that a web hosting company or sysadmin can dream about—a single interface or platform to protect your servers from any kind of attacks—especially with the new WAF 2.0.” – Rabi Hanna (CTO)


Using BitNinja brought a new era to Miss Group’s life. Rabi highlighted that using only a single interface significantly reduced the time they spent on cybersecurity. Now, they don’t have to manage firewalls and malware scanners on each and every server one-by-one because our Dashboard offers a platform on which they can manage their 200 servers at one place.

However, not only the technical team experiences the benefits of BitNinja, for the support team and customers are enjoying the positive effects as well.

“Before using BitNinja, we used to get at least 4-5 customer complaints every day about how their sites or emails were hacked. Now that number has been 2-3 per month. This also has reduced the amount of time needed for our support to answer tickets and our technical team to clean up the compromised sites.” – Rabi Hanna (CTO)

BitNinja destroyed the obstacles for this company, and they can rapidly grow now in order to achieve their vision.

(Download this case study in PDF.)

Are you the next?

Now, Miss Group is one of our biggest partners, but there are many other enthusiastic ninja partners, who shared their experience with BitNinja. Read about how BitNinja changed their business’ life in in the testimonials section.

Would you like to join them? If you’d like to appear on our homepage, it’s possible, just leave a comment under this article or send an email to ;) Share your feedback with the world.

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