Abdullkarem attack – a hack against sysadmins’ bad practice

George Egri
Mystery is on the horizon, ladies and gentlemen! And we always get excited about unappreciated server attacks. Just like in case of this ‘abdulkarrem’ one. Come, put on the role of Sherlock Holmes with us. Recently, there is a very frequent attack type. More and more sysadmin experience and complain about malicious request like these: GET /wp-includes/css/guide.php?php4&root&upl&wphp4&abdullkarem&GET /wp-includes/css/log.php?php4&root&upl&wphp4&abdullkarem&45GET /wp-admin/includes/iindex.php?php4&root&upl&wphp4&abdullkarem&450799&wp&GET /wp-includes/iindex.php?php4&root&upl&...
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